What Makes a Skilled Developer: A Sound Knowledge in Design Patterns

Nowadays top tech-companies are willing to pay huge amounts in recruiting capable architects, developers and designer who can deliver software that is elegant. Elegant software is software that is easily testable, easily extensible, and are free of defects. In today’s day and age, good design of software is critical to the long-term sustainment of the software in the market.

Thus, a software developer must be skilled at the respective areas to be able to develop elegant software. And the only way to acquire these skills is by experience, a lot of it, around 10-15 years of working as a designer or architect would be ideal. But nowadays businesses can’t afford to wait that long to get a developer of that caliber. They want schools to produce these engineers right of their ‘assembly line.’ As such an alternative route is needed. Another way to become a skilled developer is to study design patterns. Design patterns are knowledge in the form of a template that could be used to solve general repeatable solution to a commonly occurring problem. But it is important to note that a design pattern is not the finished product that can be directly translated to code.

But design patterns have its fair share of criticism as well. Very often using design patterns leads to inefficient solutions due to duplication of code. Thus, care should be taken in this regard.

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