Preparation for Coding Interview

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Here’s some blogs and books I find extremely useful for preparing for coding interviews.


Java-Success is a very good blog. Also, check on his books they are very good.

He provides 6 tips to get an entry level job, which I totally agree with. Here’s the link to that page:

The books I recommend are:


I kind find this book anywhere else. I don’t know why.


Book Suggestions for Learning Design Patterns

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I thought I’d share my thoughts before I go about my day.

If you are looking to learn Design Patterns, here are my suggestions. Not that I’m an expert, but you know, this is what worked for me 🙂

I’ve looked at so many books to grasp design patterns and the book that worked for me is, Programming in the Large with Design Patterns Kindle Edition by Eddie Burris. It’s only a couple bucks, and I believe it is so worth it! Trust me, you will not be disappointed. I’ve looked into so many books on this topic, and nobody is more succinct and on the point as Burris is.

Here’s an excerpt from Burris’s book:

Design patterns are NOT distinguished by their static structure alone.
Can you tell me which represents state pattern and which represents strategy pattern?


It is of course impossible. What makes a design pattern unique is its intent? The intent of a pattern is the problem solved or reason for using it. The intent of State pattern is to allow an object to alter its behavior when its internal state changes. The intent of the Strategy pattern is to encapsulate different algorithms or behaviors and make them interchangeable from the client’s perspective. The structure is the same for both solutions.

In addition, I recommend the Design Patterns course on The course is based on ‘Head First Design Patterns’ book, thus, I recommend reading the book first and watching the videos second. Like, read the chapter first, then watch the instructor on explain it.

Lastly, I recommend using IntelliJ ide. It has a feature that shows the UML relationship of your classes. No eclipse plugin beats this feature. Trust me, I’ve tried them all. You will need the higher edition of IntelliJ which they provide for free for a couple years for college students and professors.

Also look into my previous blogs on design patterns. It is under ‘software development’ tab, under ‘software construction’. They are my notes based on the above mentioned books. It will help a lot too.

Also, if you are a Massachusetts resident, you can access at no additional cost, free. Go here to register for an e card:

Then, go here, find, enter your ID and password:

Also with a subscription for safari-books-online, they provide all the Head First series books.

After much time spent experimenting with so many books, these resources helped me the most. And I promise, it’s going to help you too and you’re going to love it.

Let me know in the comments below if this helps. Thanks!