Life is a Secret Game

Life is a Secret Game- Author- Shane Mac

A game of inspiring and enabling others. A game of doing the unexpected. That’s it.
The UNEXPECTED. Many of us do what is asked of us. That‘s not a bad thing per say.
Imagine if we all didn‘t do what was asked of us? We try to ―Crush It‖ in our jobs, in life,
in everything for that matter. I look around and there are so many people that are all
trying to do this one thing. Live. Enjoy. Create. Build. Better. But are we? Do you spend
time at your job working on your tasks at hand or trying to bring everyone together to do
more? Do you tell your boss that you have great ideas and they might help? Do you call
your family and just say hi? Do you do things in your life that are not EXPECTED? That.
One. Thing. Is. The. Secret. Do what is not expected. Always.


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