Build Java experience by volunteering: location could be anywhere (Work from home)

Hello all

I would like to share something with you all. A platform has been created whereby companies looking for volunteers to work on their Java based projects can post and select applicants.

Code for Social Good is a nonprofit organization in the U.S. We have recently launched a global volunteering platform that provides nonprofit organizations and open source projects with free technical resources. We  hope this specialized technical volunteer network could better assist nonprofits and open sources identify potential volunteers, at the same time assist volunteers identify technical projects that fit their interest and skills. It is a good opportunity for Java developers to build real project experience. Please consider register on Code for Social Good! The web site is:

How to Create Content for Speaking in 5 Minutes

Take your topic, sit down with a pen and a paper, write down your topic, and, with a continuous flow of thoughts, write 15 to 25 points on your topic, write down all that you want to say. Keep writing non-stop for 2 minutes. Once completed, take a pause, look at all the points you have written, and start prioritizing them. Pick the top 3-4 points in your opinion. Once you selected the points, state your key points, then give reasons why you say it is your key points. Those are called supporting points. You can state your stories, your statistics, your facts, and your illustrations to support your point.